Jacob Sessum Rainwater’s 2nd family

Jacob Sessum Rainwater’s 2nd family

  1. Harry Rainwater
  2. Leonard Clyde Rainwater
  3. Agnes Mae Rainwater
  4. Jacob Sessom Rainwater
  5. Jessie Vae Rainwater
  6. Robert Lincoln Rainwater
  7. Harold McKinley Rainwater
  8. Nellie L. Pintler Rainwater
  9. Bernard Roy Rainwater
  10. Lloyd Norton Rainwater

After two decades of wandering between Missouri and Washington, Jacob Sessum Rainwater finally settled in Columbia Co., Washington, probably in the late 1870s or early 1880s. His first wife, Lucinda Williamson Rainwater, Jacob's first wife, died around 1880, shortly after the birth of Etta, the last child born to that union.

In 1884, Jacob married his second wife, a plump girl of German descent 30 years his junior, named Nellie Pintler. Into the couple's home on Robinett Mountain were born nine more children. These were: Leonard C., 1885; Bernard, 1886-1905; Robert L., 1887; Jessie, bet 1889-1890; Lloyd N., 1891; Harry, 1893; Harold M., 1895; Agnes M., 1896; Leah L., 1903; and Ada A., 1905. This photograph was taken between 1896 and 1903, prior to the birth of the last two children.

Jacob S. Rainwater died in 1906 in Dayton, Columbia Co., WA. His obituary is available on this site. Nellie Pintler Rainwater died some 30 years later, in 1938. Her obituary is also available on this site.

Photo and biographical information supplied by the late Ray Rainwater